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let Wales whet your appetite: a revival of traditional dishes and local ingredients meets up with a modern cooking movement.

Mushroom Picking, Elan Valley

The secret is out! Welsh cooking has recently undergone a transformation, and our local leeks, cheeses, seafood, and meats are being brought out of the shadows and combined in new and exciting ways. The “True Taste” movement to promote locally grown food means that your dish will be bursting with freshness and flavor.

With a 750-mile coastline and hundreds of sparkling-clean lakes and rivers, Wales has a superb variety of seafood. Oyster, mussel and scallop beds line the Welsh coast, lobsters have been re-introduced into the Menai Strait, sea trout - aka “sewin” - are plentiful and of course, don’t forget the seaweed! Wales’ famous laverbread is made from the laver seaweed, which is often mixed with oatmeal and served at breakfast with bacon and eggs.

Inland, the glory of Welsh cooking lies in our many mountains and valleys. Local lamb and beef are geared to the fine modern palate - lean and naturally free of additives. Wales produces its own milk and butter, too, as well as more than 50 different farmhouse cheeses, with regional variations and a wonderful range of flavors and textures. You can usually buy them from market stalls, local shops, and supermarkets. Traditional baked products such as “Bara Brith” (fruit loaf) or Welshcakes (griddle scones) will tempt at teatime.

And be sure to try some of our locally made ales and wines. Enjoy an excellent standard brew or something from the garden: elderberry wine, anyone?

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