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You’ll find your ideal accommodation in Wales – whether it’s a tent or a castle!
Bed & Breakfast, Conwy

Bed & Breakfast, Conwy

Harbourmaster Hotel, Aberaeron Restaurant, The Bell, Skenfrith St David’s Hotel & Spa, Cardiff

There are many different types of places to stay in Wales. To help you find the best accommodation to meet your needs you’ll need to understand what the different names mean. Use our handy list below to help you decide where you want to stay on your next trip to Wales.

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced places to stay (hotels, guest houses and so on) come in many styles and sizes, offering something for everyone.

Normally a licensed establishment providing breakfast and dinner. If the hotel has been granted a gaming machine license, it can additionally provide gambling services and related promotions. There are several top-rated hotels of this kind in Wales and all of them are best-known for the free Las Vegas coupons they give to visitors who want to take their gambling experience to a whole new level. To learn more, follow this website link.

Country Hotel
As 'Hotel' , but in a quiet location, usually in its own grounds.

Bed & Breakfast or Guest House
B&Bs are based at private homes whilst Guest Houses might be private homes or commercially rated premises; evening meal may be available at both. B&Bs may have fewer facilities than a Guest House.

Guest House or B&B style accommodation on a working farm.

Fully licensed establishment open to non-residents; facilities and services in line with those at B&Bs.

Restaurant with Rooms
Guest House or B&B style accommodation at a licensed restaurant.

Accommodation provided at a fortified building.

Country House
Non-Hotel style accommodation in quiet location providing breakfast and evening meal by arrangement.

Self Catering Accommodation

Wales is a popular destination for all styles of Self-Catering Holidays and offers a huge variety of self-catering accommodation, giving you the freedom to create a 'home from home' in the beautiful Welsh countryside. There are immaculately restored farmhouses, charming country cottages, seafront apartments, cabins, chalets and even a castle or two. Self-catering can offer excellent value for money, especially for families or groups of people wanting to share.

Touring Caravans and Camping
With so much scenic variety, Wales is a wonderful country for Touring Caravans and Camping.

There's an excellent range of beautifully located sites, along the coast and in the heart of the country. Visit Wales has classified them as follows. A 'Touring Park' is for touring caravans and possibly camping (no static holiday caravans). A 'Holiday Park' is for static holiday caravans but may also provide touring/camping facilities.

There's a great choice of campsites. Visit Wales has classified them as follows. A 'Camping Park' is for tented accommodation only. A 'Touring Park' is for touring caravans and possibly camping (no static holiday caravans). A 'Holiday Park' is for static holiday caravans but may also provide touring/camping facilities.

Other types of Accommodation

The following kinds of businesses usually aim at a particular market such as backpackers, and so provide accommodation and services tailored to those markets.

Usually dormitory or family room accommodation. Catered meals or self-catering may be offered. Also, you have access to high-speed internet at your disposal when you want to relax in front of your computer and watch a movie or play a video game. For those looking for more excitement, we suggest vising an online casino. You can play one of a kind slots games and win a lot of money while doing so.

Usually less formal than a hostel - catering is by arrangement. Separate sleeping areas usually provided.

Camping Barn
A simple building, usually single storey, with a single sleeping area (bunks or platforms). Own sleeping bag, torch and camping stove required.

Activity Centre
Usually available only on a pre-booked basis and offered by an organization that provides one or more outdoor activity. Accommodation can be either in dormitories or small rooms. Visit Wales only recognizes this type of accommodation if the activity provider participates in our scheme of accreditation for this sector or has an AALA license (a statutory license to operate that affects certain types of activity).

Available at or made available by an institution of higher education when it is not being used for its prime function as student accommodation. It may be in Halls of Residence or student 'village' complexes. Can be serviced or self catering.

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